Pelosi Attacks MSNBC Host for “Backing” Trump

( – California Rep. Nancy Pelosi referred to Katy Tur, host of “Katy Tur Reports,” as an “apologist” for former President Donald Trump.

Pelosi, talking about Trump’s performance and how he is seeking immunity from the charges he is facing, stated she has “sympathy and respect” for those who vote during an interview with Tur. She noted some voters will “always reject” those who are from a different party, adding that some voters do have “legitimate concerns” about how their families and jobs could be affected by “immigration, globalization, innovation.” She said President Joe Biden is addressing the concerns, claiming he has “created 9 million jobs” compared to the former president, who Pelosi said, “has the worst record of job loss.” Pelosi said they “have to make sure people know” about the job losses and gains.

Tur then added context to Pelosi’s numbers, noting the losses happened during “a global pandemic.” Pelosi then responded to Tur’s comment by repeating her claim that Trump “had the worst record of any president” and calling Tur “an apologist for Donald Trump.”

Pelosi continued to talk over Tur, who was attempting to say that she is not an apologist for Trump, arguing that when she was Speaker of the House, the House “put forth a $3 trillion bill” to stimulate the economy.

Pelosi also called Trump “a threat to democracy,” adding that she would not “subscribe to the fact” Trump could have a second term as president. Pelosi’s statement echoes Biden’s statement that Trump poses a threat to democracy, a message he continues to repeat as part of his re-election campaign.

On social media, many viewers agreed with Pelosi’s stance, with some saying they were “glad somebody finally said it.” One user said the pandemic that happened in Trump’s last year in office should not be used to defend his record for job creation, calling Tur “an unserious host.” Writer Lesley Abravanel wrote that Tur’s response to Pelosi was “MAGA talking points” about a pandemic.

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