General Hospital TV Actor, Doug Sheehan, Passes Away

( - On June 28, soap opera star Doug Sheehan, 75, died at his Big Horn, Wyoming, home. According to a statement released by Kane Funeral Home, his wife, Cate Abert, was by his side...

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TV Actor, Mike Heslin, Dies at 30

( - Actor Mike Heslin, 30, died from a “sudden cardiac event” on July 2, according to an Instagram post from his husband, Scotty...

White House Changes Story About Biden Seeing a Doctor

( - The White House has changed its story about whether President Joe Biden, 81, has recently seen his doctor. According to a July 4 statement from White House spokesman Andrew Bates, several days after the debate, Biden saw his doctor “to check on his cold,” with Bates noting the doctor said he “was recovering well.” However, Bates added that Biden has not had a neurological scan since the debate. The statement came after Biden also told the 20 Democratic governors he met with during an evening meeting on July 3 about seeing his doctor following the debate. The meeting, organized...

Biden Admin’s Secret Program Reveals They’re Flying Deported Aliens Back to US

( - Details of a secret Biden administration program show that deported illegal immigrants from Cameroon are being flown back to the United States after their asylum claims had been previously denied. According to interviews with staff at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), it appears the program began in February 2022, after Human Rights Watch complained about former President Donald Trump’s administration deporting around 90 Cameroonians between 2019 and 2021. Internal memos show that ICE officials and nonprofit organizations have been working together to find the deported Cameroonians to bring them back to the United States. According to reports, email correspondence...

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Supreme Court Strips SEC of Key Power to Penalize Fraud

( - The Supreme Court’s June 27 ruling strips the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which regulates securities markets, of a key enforcement tool...

DOJ Cracks Down and Charges 193 in $2.75B Health Care Fraud

( - On June 27, the U.S. Department of Justice announced criminal charges related to health care fraud that may have caused $2.75 billion in losses had been filed against 193 people. Those charged include 76 doctors and other medical professionals from 32 different federal districts across the country. According to the Department of Justice, one of the fraud schemes was a $900 million scheme where the suspects allegedly filed false Medicare claims about amniotic wound grafts applied to terminally ill elderly patients. According to prosecutors, the two owners of a wound care company received over $330 million from the scheme. Another...

Biden Campaign in Disarray as Chairwoman Gives Up Florida

( - President Joe Biden’s campaign chairwoman, Jen O’Malley Dillon, has stated that Florida is not considered a battleground state. During the Puck News podcast "Impolitic with John Heilemann," O’Malley Dillon stated that she did not believe Florida was a legitimate battleground state when she was asked about the state by podcast host Heilemann. She noted that the campaign must “keep as many battleground states in play for as long as possible. While she claimed the campaign has ruled out Florida, she stated that North Carolina, Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Nevada are all still in play. In 2020,...

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Suspect Dead After Las Vegas Shootings Kill 5

( - On June 25, the man suspected of shooting and killing five people and injuring another in Las Vegas, Nevada, killed himself, according...

White House Promotes Biden Official Who Attacked Police and Supports the Anti-Israel Movement

( - The Biden administration’s controversial former Interior Department communications director, Tyler Cherry, has been promoted to an associate communications director at the White House. The controversy involving Cherry began in 2023 when social media posts surfaced of him promoting "Russiagate," attacking Republicans, supporting the anti-Israel movement, and criticizing the police. In one old post from Thanksgiving 2014, Cherry even accused his family of being racist. In a 2014 post on Twitter, Cherry posted his support for Palestine, writing “Cheersing in bars,” when Hamas launched rockets into Israel, which sparked a forceful response involving airstrikes and a ground invasion. In one...

US Appeals Court Blocks Challenge to Gun Silencer Law

( - On June 21, the U.S. Appeals Court for the Fifth District upheld a lower court’s ruling about a Texas gun law that would have deregulated gun silencers in Texas. In its June 21 ruling, the appeals court dismissed the challenge brought by gun owners and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton for lack of standing, stating the court could not prove if the plaintiffs were injured by federal law. Federal law states that to purchase a silencer, which reduces the noise a firearm creates, a person must pay $200 and apply for a permit. If approved, the silencer must have...

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