Mayoral Candidate and Five Others Killed at Campaign Rally

( - Mayoral candidate Lucero López Maza and five others were killed during a campaign rally on May 16 in the Mexican state of Chiapas. State prosecutors said the gunmen opened fire at the campaign...

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16 Dems Side with GOP to Rebuke Biden’s Israel Weapons Pause

( - Sixteen House Democrats joined House Republicans in passing the Israel Security Assistance Support Act on May 16, condemning President Joe Biden for...

Death Toll Climbs Above 30 in South Africa Building Collapse

( - On May 13, rescue teams continued searching for survivors as the death toll climbed to 33 following the collapse of an apartment building that was under construction in George, South Africa. Since the May 6 collapse of the unfinished five-story building, over 600 emergency services and other personnel have been searching for survivors. Eighty-one workers were in the building when it collapsed. Rescue teams have pulled 29 workers out of the rubble alive. According to the city, 12 of them remain in the hospital. On May 12, six days after the collapse, rescue workers found one construction worker alive...

Trump Slams Judge Over Michael Cohen Testimony

( - On May 13, former President Donald Trump criticized Judge Juan Merchan following the testimony from his former attorney Michael Cohen. As he left the court, Trump was asked about those who were with him in court on May 13, including Ohio Sen. JD Vance and Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville. Trump stated that they were in court with him because they feel the trial is “a terrible thing that is happening to democracy.” Trump called it “a very sad day for the country,” going on to call Merchan a “corrupt judge.” He added that Merchan is “highly conflicted” and accused...

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Donald Trump’s Rally Full of Gaffes and Bizzare Comment on Hannibal Lecter

( - Former President Donald Trump’s May 11 Wildwood, New Jersey, rally speech contained gaffes and a bizarre reference to Hannibal Lecter. During the rally,...

Ted Cruz’s Support for Donald Trump Raises Questions

( - Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s support of former President Donald Trump after Stormy Daniels' detailed May 8 testimony has many social media users criticizing the senator. During an interview on “Hannity,” Cruz called Daniels’ testimony “salacious,” adding that nobody “on planet Earth” thinks “Trump has been celibate all his life.” Cruz stated that “this is not news” but shows the trial is a “political smear job.” Cruz noted that not “one Democrat nationally” was willing to speak out against what is happening. Cruz’s comments come after Daniels testified on May 7, providing graphic details about the alleged encounter she had...

Judge Denies Trump Attorney’s Mistrial Motion Post-Stormy Daniels Testimony

( - Former President Donald Trump’s attorney Todd Blanche’s motion for a mistrial, filed after former adult film star Stormy Daniels’ “unduly prejudicial” testimony, has been denied by Judge Juan Merchan on May 7. In denying Blanche’s request, Merchan said that during Daniels’ testimony, many of the defense team's objections were sustained, and many of their requests to suppress testimony were granted. Merchan added that he agreed with Blanche “that there were many things that would have been better left unsaid." However, he also noted that the defense team should have raised more objections during the testimony. In filing the motion...

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Trump Calls Jail Time for Free Speech a Willing Sacrifice

( - After being fined another $1,000 on May 6 for violating the gag order imposed by Judge Juan Merchan, former President Donald Trump...

Biden Criticizes Japan as “Xenophobic” for Limited Immigration

( - During a May 1 campaign fundraiser, President Joe Biden called Japan, an ally of the United States, "xenophobic” due to the country’s lower levels of immigration compared to the U.S. During his speech, which kicked off the start of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Biden discussed the benefits of immigration and the upcoming election, which he said is about “freedom, America, and democracy.” He said because America welcomes immigrants “our economy is growing,” compared to China, Russia, India, and Japan, who he said are “xenophobic” and, therefore, “having trouble” and doing “badly economically.” Biden suggested...

Another Boeing Whistleblower Dies Unexpectedly

( - A second Boeing whistleblower, Joshua Dean, 44, died following an infection that came on suddenly. According to his aunt, Carol Parsons, Dean was admitted to the hospital two weeks ago after having trouble breathing. He died after spending two weeks in critical condition after he developed pneumonia and contracted MRSA, a fast-spreading, antibiotic-resistant staph infection. Parsons said what Dean went through, “fighting for his life,” was “heartbreaking.” Before he was fired in April 2023, the quality auditor who worked for Boeing supplier Spirit AeroSystems reported faulty components were manufactured at the Wichita, Kansas, plant for Boeing’s 737 MAX aircraft....

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