Biden Rushes to Meet G7 Leaders Amid Crisis

( - On April 14, President Joe Biden and G7 leaders met for an emergency session as the leaders of the Group of Seven countries attempted to prevent the Iranian and Israeli conflict from...

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Terror Suspect Migrant Allowed to Wander in America

( - A new report shows that a migrant on the FBI’s terrorist watchlist, Mohammad Kharwin, 48, was released into the U.S. by an...

Mitch McConnell Supports Legislation Against TikTok

( - From the Senate floor on April 8, Senate Republican Leader and Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell implored the Senate to take up legislation requiring the Chinese-owned company ByteDance to sell the app TikTok. He argued the proposed legislation requires “Congress’ urgent attention.” McConnell said the Chinese ownership of the app, with 170 million active American users, threatens “our security right here on U.S. soil.” He said that despite claims by TikTok officials that users’ sensitive personal information is protected, China’s communist government has access to American users' data. He noted alarming trends featured on TikTok, including one where users “discovered...

Joseph E. Brennan Passes Away at 89

( - On April 5, former two-term Democratic congressman and two-term Maine governor Joseph E. Brennan, 89, died with his wife by his side at his home in Portland. According to his friend, Frank O'Hara, Brennan died in his home, which was just a few blocks from where he grew up. Born to Irish immigrants Catherine Josephine Mulkern and John Joseph Brennan in 1934, Brennan served in the U.S. Army after graduating from Cheverus High School. Under the GI Bill, he graduated from Boston College, followed by the University of Maine Law School. In 1964, at 29 years old, Brennan was elected...

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Melania Ridiculed Following Public Appearance with Donald Trump

( - Former First Lady Melania Trump was ridiculed by some on social media after appearing with her husband, former President Donald Trump, at...

Trump Leading in Six Crucial States Amid Voter Worries Over Biden’s Mental Capacity

( - A new poll shows former President Donald Trump, 77, with a lead over President Joe Biden, 81, in six out of seven swing states by at least one percentage point as voters continue to be concerned over his age and mental capacity. A Wall Street Journal survey of 4,200 registered voters released April 3 shows that Trump leads Biden by between one and three percentage points in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. In Nevada, Arizona, and North Carolina, Trump leads Biden by equal to or greater than four points, the poll’s margin of error. In 2020, Biden won all...

Former Trump Official’s Announcement Raises Concerns

( - Ahead of Nevada’s June 11 primary, Republican Senate candidate Jeff Gunter is launching a $3.3 million ad campaign to include ads in all major television markets, digital advertising, radio ads, and texting. The former U.S. ambassador to Iceland during the Trump administration, Gunter announced the new ad campaign that will air in markets such as Las Vegas and Reno on April 2. Before he announced his ad campaign, he noted that he was a disaffected Democrat before being nominated by former President Donald Trump in 2018 to the ambassador position. Gunter stated that he fully supports Trump and...

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Ex-General Warns of Certain US Threats from Islamic State After Moscow Attack

( - Retired Gen. Frank McKenzie warned that the Islamic State terror group has a "strong desire" to carry out an attack on the...

Sheriff Grady Judd Issues Stark Warning to Squatters

( - Polk County, Florida, Sheriff Grady Judd is warning squatters that they will end up in jail if they attempt to try "gimmicks" at homes in his jurisdiction. He said that “the people's laws will lock you up” if you violate the state's laws within his jurisdiction. Judd’s comments come after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the Property Rights Bill (HB 621), a first-of-its-kind law in the United States that eliminates squatters’ rights and increases the penalties for offenders. The new legislation will allow property owners to fill out a form to request help from their local sheriff's office in...

Ben Carson: Electing Trump Is the way to Regain Control from Federal Bureaucracy

( - Former neurosurgeon Ben Carson is speaking out about former President Donald Trump, saying re-electing Trump is the “best chance” the country has to take back control of the federal bureaucracy from the Democrats. During an interview with The Daily Wire, Carson called Washington “polluted,” saying that it is not just a swamp but is “really a cesspool.” He added that Trump winning re-election is the country’s “best chance” of turning it “into something that actually works for the people.” He stated that Trump would bring people into the federal government who understand what representation of the people means and...

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