Stephen Colbert Recovers from Life-Threatening Appendix Surgery

( - On Nov. 27, the host of "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," Stephen Colbert, announced he was recovering from surgery for a ruptured appendix. While Colbert recovers, the show, which airs on CBS,...

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Senator Wants A Huge Retaliation After Biden Administration’s Fearful Response

( - Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton is calling for a “massive retaliation” against Iran-backed forces for attacking U.S. troops and assets. On "Fox News Sunday,"...

Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter Passes Away At 96

( - On Nov. 19, former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, 96, died peacefully at home with her family by her side. Her death comes two days after it was announced that she had joined her husband, former President Jimmy Carter, in hospice care at their Plains, Georgia, home. In May, it was announced she had been diagnosed with dementia. Carter stated his wife “was my equal partner in everything I ever accomplished.” He said he “always knew somebody loved and supported me” when she was in the world. On Aug. 18, 1927, Eleanor Rosalynn Smith was born in Plains, Georgia. She was...

Trump Mocks Jimmy Carter After Recent Passing Of Former First Lady

( - Mocking former President Jimmy Carter, former President Donald Trump called him “a brilliant, brilliant president” in comparison to President Joe Biden during a Nov. 18 rally in Iowa. Trump said that Carter must be “the happiest person anywhere in this country right now” because “these clowns” make his administration look brilliant. Carter, a Democrat, was not a supporter of Trump, to put it mildly. In 2019, Jimmy Carter referred to Trump as an “illegitimate president.” Trump’s comments came just one day before the death of Carter’s wife, former first lady Rosalynn Carter, 96. The Carter Center announced Nov. 17...

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Inventions That Happened by Accident and Changed the World

( - Most people wouldn’t mind stumbling into an invention that would make millions while changing the world. In fact, many inventors that set...

Hong Kong Demonstrators Want US Congressman Arrested

( - On Nov. 13, Utah Rep. John Curtis responded to a petition filed in Hong Kong’s High Court which calls for his arrest after he co-sponsored a bill that imposes financial sanctions on 49 Hong Kong officials. The petition enables Hong Kong law enforcement and citizens to arrest Curtis, as well as Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan, California Rep. Young Kim, Massachusetts Rep. James McGovern and Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley if any of the lawmakers are found to be in the city. On Nov. 1, the bipartisan group of lawmakers introduced the Hong Kong Sanctions Act in both the Senate and...

Judge Denies Greene’s Request For Fence Costs From NY Man Who Threatened Her

( - Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s request to have a New York man convicted of threatening her reimburse her for funds used for security upgrades at her home has been denied by a federal judge. In August, Joseph Morelli pleaded guilty to three counts of transmitting interstate threats over voicemail messages for March 2022 messages he left at Greene’s Washington, D.C., office. In the messages, Morelli threatened to harm Greene. Prosecutors state that in one voicemail, he said he would pay someone to use a “baseball bat and crack your skull.” Morelli received a three-month prison sentence. In a move...

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Tragic Hostage Crisis Ends With Four Deaths

( - A SWAT officer in Austin, Texas, was killed Nov. 11 after responding to a call of a gunman who was holding three...

Terrorism-Styled Attacks Hit Election Offices In Washington And Georgia

( - Authorities have launched an investigation after election offices in Georgia and Washington state received “suspicious” envelopes Nov. 8 which officials are describing as acts of “terrorism.” Election workers in several counties in Washington received envelopes that contained “unknown powdery substances,” which prompted those offices to be evacuated, according to Washington Secretary of State Steve Hobbs. The Spokane Police Department confirmed that the white powder in an envelope received by the Spokane County Elections Office had tested positive for fentanyl, and negative for explosives agents. According to a “presumptive” field test, an envelope received by King County election workers...

Dem Suffers Major Defeat in State House Race After Video Scandal

( - Susanna Gibson, a 40-year-old nurse practitioner, has lost the Virginia House of Delegates election to Republican David Owens, a businessman. The loss in the race for the House District 57, an area outside of Richmond, came shortly after Gibson’s campaign was rocked by scandal. In September, the Washington Post reported that Gibson and her husband, attorney John David Gibson, had livestreamed themselves performing intimate acts for an online audience, all while asking the audience to pay them tips for their actions. Clips from the event were circulated more widely in September 2022, and a year later screenshots of...

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