MLB Player Booed After Addressing Anti-Catholic Controversy

( - Controversy followed Anthony Bass, 35, pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays, onto the field May 31st. Bass took the field in the top of the ninth, with the Blue Jays down 4-2...

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Top Lawmaker Reportedly Expected To Resign

( - On May 31, Utah Rep. Chris Stewart, 62, said once a transition is secured, he would be resigning from his seat representing...

Wanda Sykes Slams Dave Chappelle Comments On Transgenderism

( - Jokes made by Dave Chappelle in his show, “The Closer” on Netflix, have Wanda Sykes mad, calling his jokes “hurtful,” claiming his jokes were damaging for transgender people. In his 2021 Netflix show, Chappelle speaks out in defense of J.K. Rowling, the author of “Harry Potter, who is the new target of the left for stating gender is not able to be altered. He also jokes that he is Team TERF, which is an acronym standing for someone who is a trans-exclusionary radical feminist. In response to his show, some Netflix employees walked out in protest, demanding the...

Bear Breaks Into Bakery And Eats 60 Cupcakes

( - Employees at Taste by Spellbound in Avon, Connecticut, had an unexpected hungry helper arrive while loading cakes into a delivery van. On May 24, as workers loaded cakes into the delivery van, a bear wandered into the open garage door at the rear of the store. Video footage from a nearby security camera shows the bear lingered outside the door before deciding to venture in. The employee stated that the bear retreated after shouts, but returned three times. The employee exited the area after the bear charged toward her. Other employees also attempted to walk around to the side...

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Rumors Fly As Lebron James Considers Retirement

( - Los Angeles Lakers player LeBron James, 38, is still deciding if he will return to play or if he will retire before...

Katy Perry Rumored To Leave American Idol

( - After six years as a judge on American Idol, Katy Perry, 38, is ready to quit after being “thrown under the bus” by producers. Perry says the producers have intentionally edited clips making her look like a “nasty judge.” The footage has left Perry the subject of online rants by fans saying she is rude. Every season since she joined Perry has been criticized by fans. This past season had Perry involved in a scandal that left a contestant quitting the show after Perry was accused of mom-shaming when she told a young mother she had been “laying on the...

Brittney Griner Shows New Patriotism After Release From Russia

( - After years of protesting the national anthem, WNBA player Brittney Griner stood for the national anthem before the May 19 game between the Phoenix Mercury and the Los Angeles Sparks. On May 19, her sports rep also published an op-ed that explained why she would now be standing for the national anthem and explained Griner would make a statement regarding “American freedoms.” However, after the game, Griner spoke out about her decision to stand before what was her first regular season game since she was released from a Russian prison. She said, “It just means a little bit more...

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Another Lawyer Departs Donald Trump’s Legal Team

( - A key member of former president Donald Trump’s legal team is leaving. Timothy Parlatore, who played a key role on Trump’s legal...

Hunter Biden Investigation Dropped By IRS

( - The "entire investigative team" that has been involved in the years-long fraud investigation of Hunter Biden, as well as a whistleblower has been removed from the investigation by the Internal Revenue Service. The Department of Justice ordered the removal, according to what Mark Lytle and Tristan Leavitt, attorneys for the whistleblower, said in a letter sent to Republican and Democrat chairmen, and the ranking members on both the House Ways and Means and Judiciary committees as well as the Senate Finance and Judiciary committees. In the letter, they say the move could constitute obstruction of a congressional inquiry....

Netflix Creates Black Cleopatra – They’ve Never Failed Harder

( - Netflix released its new documentary “Queen Cleopatra,” part of the African Queens series, on May 10, and the movie is drawing attention, but not for the right reasons. The new four-episode docudrama on Netflix explores the rise and fall of Cleopatra, who was born in 69 BC and died in 30 BC., through reenactments as well as interviews. The documentary has received the lowest score in history on Rotten Tomatoes, with a 2% audience rating. The “average Tomatometer,” which measures how many critics rate a film favorably, is at 10%. The documentary has one positive review out of...

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