Former Biden Staffers Report Being ‘Fed Up’ at White House

( – Former staffer members of President Joe Biden’s administration are speaking out against the administration’s handling of the Israel-Hamas war.

In a May 29 interview, former special assistant to the chief of staff in the Interior Department Lily Greenberg Call and a former staffer at the Department of Education Tariq Habash spoke out about how they are “fed up” with the White House’s response to the conflict.

Habash said people working for the administration “rightfully” feel they are at the end “of what they feel like they are able to do.” He added that while they “have been working within the system,” attempting to speak out about the United States “supplying these weapons” to Israel that are used against Palestinian civilians, the staff members feel “their voice isn’t being heard.” He noted that the bombs supplied by the United States are “still killing dozens of children.”

Call stated that “every single person that I know” agrees with her and Habash, though they may not “have felt empowered” to speak out or leave. She said it is “a huge problem for the administration” for people to feel “they are not being listened to.”

Call, who is Jewish, resigned on May 15, stating she felt Biden has been using Jewish people as a way to justify his policies regarding Israel. In her resignation letter, she said that while she had been excited to join the administration at the beginning, she could not “in good conscience continue to represent this administration.” She accused Biden of “making Jews the face of the American war machine.” She is the second political appointee to resign due to the Biden administration’s policies with Israel.

In January, Habash, a Palestinian American, resigned from his position due to Biden turning “a blind eye to the atrocities” that Israel “committed against innocent Palestinian lives.” In his resignation letter, he called on the administration to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict and denounced Biden’s unconditional support for Israel.

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