Trump and Big Oil Plan to Break Up Biden’s Green Agenda

( – Former President Donald Trump and the top oil executives are making plans to break up President Joe Biden’s green agenda if Trump is re-elected in November.

In an April meeting between Trump and the oil executives at Mar-a-Lago, Trump called on the executives to help him raise $1 billion for his re-election campaign, helping to return him to the White House to overturn Biden’s fossil fuel regulations.

Two dozen executives, including CEO and founder of Venture Global Mike Sabel and the CEO of Cheniere Energy Jack Fusco, attended the dinner where Trump not only pitched the oil executives to help fund his campaign but also presented promises for rolling back Biden’s efforts for clean energy and electric vehicles if he is re-elected to a second term.

He promised to undo the “ridiculous” new rules approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, which requires automakers to reduce emissions from car tailpipes.

Trump told executives during the dinner that on day one he would end the freeze on permits for new liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports put in place by the Biden administration. He stated he hates wind farms, pledging to halt the use of this type of renewable energy. He also told the executives that he would auction off more leases in the Gulf of Mexico for oil drilling and reverse Biden’s restrictions for drilling in the Alaskan Arctic. He promised the executives that after waiting for permits for five years, they would get them on day one.

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum echoed Trump’s comments during a May 5 Palm Beach, Florida, fundraiser, where Burgum promised Trump would stop Biden’s “attack” on fossil fuels.

A senior adviser for oil and gas with Climate Power, Alex Witt, said that during Trump’s first term, the executives “got a great return on their investment” and could get “an even bigger payout” if Trump is re-elected.

The Biden campaign responded to the meeting by accusing Trump of “selling out working families to Big Oil.”

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