No One Held Accountable for Deaths of Four Frozen Babies

( – A Massachusetts woman will not face charges after police found the bodies of four infants in a freezer inside her Boston, Massachusetts, home two years ago.

Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden said Alexis Aldamir, 69, the mother of all four infants, will not face charges.

According to Hayden, police located the infants, which were two girls and two boys, when they responded to the home for a call on Nov. 17, 2022, from Aldamir’s brother and his wife, who were cleaning out the apartment, about a “possible baby located inside a freezer.” Aldamir had lived in the home since 1983, though she now resides in a residential health care facility.

Through DNA evidence, investigators were able to determine that Aldamir was the mother of all four children, who were full-term and full-fledged siblings. Investigators used DNA evidence to find their father, who died in 2011. Investigators also learned that Aldamir and the father of the four infants had another child who was given up for adoption.

During the investigation, investigators spoke with her co-workers at an accounting firm that she worked at between 1980 and 2021, who stated they were unaware she had ever been pregnant.

According to the district attorney’s office, “investigators encountered several challenges” in proving whether a crime was committed. An autopsy report, which showed no evidence of external or internal trauma or “evidence of obvious injuries,” was unable to determine a cause of death for the infants or if they were born stillborn or alive. The report noted that no “scientific method” could be used “to determine how long the babies had been frozen.”

Hayden’s report noted that because of the autopsy results, the father of the infants being dead, and the mental state of Aldamir, ruled as unfit to stand trial, prosecutors “cannot ethically move forward with a case,” which cannot be brought to trial.

He noted that although investigators have some answers in the case, many questions from the case will remain unanswered. Hayden said the case is “the most complex, unusual and perplexing” case he has faced.

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