White House Slams House Republicans Over Border Agreement Deadlock

(UnitedHeadlines.com) – In a Jan. 31 memo, White House officials escalated their attacks on House Republicans for their opposition to the Biden administration’s proposed border security deal.

In the memo, White House spokesperson Andrew Bates accuses House Speaker and Louisiana Rep. Mike Johnson of being the “chief impediment” to giving Biden new legal authority so he can secure the border, deploy new fentanyl detection equipment, and hire more Border Patrol agents. Bates added that these are things Republicans have sought “for 6 straight years.” He included a list of four occasions when House Republicans opposed Biden’s border requests, including in fiscal year 2022 and fiscal year 2023.

The memo added that after hearing from former President Donald Trump, some House Republicans have “outright admitted” they would block any deal coming from the White House and Senate negotiations.

Johnson responded to the memo by pointing to his memo from January, which details how, despite House Republicans approving funding for border security, Biden’s policies have led to the crisis at the border. Johnson stated that reversing the Trump administration’s policies helped to create the current situation.

Johnson stated that the White House and Senate deal does not go far enough to solve the crisis at the border, adding that he was not opposed to the proposed deal just because Trump opposes it. Based on his knowledge of the Senate’s proposal, Johnson has stated the deal is “dead on arrival” in the House.

Johnson has stated that Biden could solve the border crisis with an executive order instead of waiting for Congress to pass legislation. He has also called on the Senate to take up the House’s border security bill, known as H.R. 2, which passed the House in May. The bill includes restarting the Trump administration policies of Remain in Mexico and construction of the border wall. The Senate and White House continue to call the bill “a nonstarter.”

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