Vince Fong Wins Kevin McCarthy’s House Seat

( – Republican California state assembly member Vince Fong won the May 21 special election to fill the remainder of California Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s term, defeating Republican Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux.

The special election covers the remaining time in McCarthy’s term, which ends in January 2025. McCarthy retired from Congress in December, before the end of his term, following a vote on a motion to vacate that resulted in his removal as House speaker. In November, Fong and Boudreaux will face off again in the race for the full two-year term.

Fong, a former aide for McCarthy, was supported by McCarthy and former President Donald Trump, who said Fong was “a true Republican.” McCarthy appeared at Fong’s campaign events, and a political action committee that supported McCarthy donated over $450,000 to a pro-Fong super PAC.

In a statement, Fong said, “The real work now begins,” pledging to focus on issues such as supporting small business, border security, and investing in water storage for the Central Valley farm belt’s agriculture.

Boudreaux, supported by Republican state Sen. Shannon Grove of Bakersfield and the former acting director of national intelligence during the Trump administration, Richard Grenell, called Fong to congratulate him on his win.

It is unclear when Fong, who will represent the 20th congressional district, will be sworn in. House Speaker and Louisiana Rep. Mike Johnson will decide when to swear in Fong.

Fong’s victory gives Republicans 12 of California’s 52 U.S. House seats. It also helps Republicans with their narrow edge in the U.S. House, as once Fong is sworn in, Republicans will hold 218 seats while Democrats will hold 213. There will be four remaining vacant seats in the House, including three seats held by Republicans who resigned before the end of their term, Ohio Rep. Bill Johnson, Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher, and Colorado Rep. Ken Buck, and the seat held Democratic New Jersey Rep. Donald Payne, who died in April.

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