Trump’s Ex-Adviser Bashes Judges Recent Court Decision

( – An adviser to former President Donald Trump, Stephen Miller, is speaking out about the U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan’s decision that presidents can be charged once they are no longer in office.

On Dec. 1, Chutkan ruled that Trump, who is running for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, is not immune from prosecution. Chutkan will oversee the federal election interference case that was brought by the Department of Justice. The trial is scheduled to begin in March.

In her ruling, she said that former presidents have “no special conditions on their federal criminal liability.” She added that the former president could be subject to a “federal investigation, indictment, prosecution, conviction, and punishment” for any criminal acts committed while in office.

On Dec. 2, Miller posted on Twitter about the judge’s decision. In a post, Miller called revoking the doctrine of presidential immunity “radical and dangerous.” He stated that it means the actions of a “democratically elected president” can be vetoed by any “far-left judge, jury, or prosecutor.” Miller wrote that the American people are “robbed of their sovereign authority” when a president becomes liable for exercising his right to speech while president.” He added that conservatives are not interested in conserving the republic if they are “not speaking out against these travesties.”

In a second post, Miller wrote that “by definition, there is no immunity for Republican officeholders” if presidential immunity is only for acts Democrats agree are “legitimate presidential activities.” He added, “Your rights extend only to the edge of the left’s permission.”

Trump spokesman Steven Cheung said that “radical Democrats” are continuing “to try and destroy bedrock constitutional principles and set dangerous precedents” in their “effort to interfere in the 2024 presidential election.” Trump has referred to the charges and trial as being a political witch hunt.

Miller is the president of America First Legal. The group specializes in litigation of issues such as transgender rights, diversity in hiring programs and immigration.

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