Trump Says RFK Jr Will Do a ‘Great Service to America’ By Diverting Votes from Biden

( – In a March 27 post on Truth Social after Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced his running mate, former President Donald Trump said his presidential run is “a great service to America.”

In the post, Trump called Kennedy, by far, “the most Radical Left Candidate in the race.” He added this means Kennedy will take votes away from “Crooked Joe Biden,” which he said is “a great service to America.”

Trump’s comments come after Kennedy announced on March 26 that he chose Silicon Valley investor and attorney Nicole Shanahan, a former Democratic donor, as his running mate. Kennedy said that as a daughter of immigrants, Shanahan “overcame every daunting obstacle,” achieving “the highest levels of the American dream.”

In Trump’s Truth Social post, he calls Shanahan more “‘Liberal’ than Kennedy, if that’s possible.” While Trump stated that Kennedy’s candidacy is “great for MAGA,” he added that because he is Biden’s opponent, “the Communists” will make it difficult for the pair to appear on the ballot.

Trump was not the only one to criticize Kennedy’s choice of a running mate. During a March 26 Democratic National Committee call with reporters, Democrats argued that Kennedy’s running for president serves as a “spoiler” to Biden. California Rep. Robert Garcia said Kennedy “should be ashamed of himself,” adding that he needs to “stop running for president.” Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. Austin Davis placed the blame for Kennedy being “drafted into this race” on Republicans as a way to ensure a Trump victory in November.

During his March 26 announcement, Kennedy agreed that his campaign is a spoiler, saying it is a spoiler for not just Biden and Trump but for “a war machine,” Big Tech, Big Pharma, and “the corporate-owned media.”

Polling shows that Trump and Democrats might be right that Kennedy takes votes from Biden. A Harvard CAPS/Harris poll shows that in a hypothetical matchup, Trump wins, getting 41 percent of the votes compared to Biden’s 37 percent, while Kennedy gets 15 percent. The poll reflects a 7 percent increase since February for Trump.

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