Trump Pledges to Halt Offshore Wind Projects on First Day as President

( – During a May 11 rally in Wildwood, New Jersey, former President Donald Trump stated that he would stop offshore wind energy projects “on day one” if re-elected in November.

Trump stated he would write an executive order “on day one” ending offshore wind projects. During his speech, he called the offshore wind project “horrible,” stating that the offshore wind projects “destroy everything.” Trump added that the projects not only “ruin the environment” but said, “They kill the birds, they kill the whales.”

Trump’s promise to end offshore wind projects was accompanied by the pledge to end President Joe Biden’s “insane electric vehicle mandate” on his first day back in office, stating that the mandate is “forcing them on you.” He added that if re-elected, gas vehicles would not be banned, and he would add “a 200% tax on every car” imported into the United States.

He also told the more than 80,000 people attending the May 11 rally that he would overturn Biden’s pause in new export permits for liquified natural gas. At a previous rally in Las Vegas, he stated this would be one of the actions he would take on his first day back in office if re-elected in November.

This is not the first Trump has promised to end offshore wind projects. In April, Trump met with oil executives at Mar-a-Lago, stating that he “hates” wind energy, promising to overturn many of the environmental rules put in place by Biden if he is re-elected. He called on the oil executives to donate $1 billion to his campaign in order to help him win in November.

During Trump’s first term, the oil executives “got a great return on their investment,” according to a senior adviser for oil and gas with Climate Power, Alex Witt, who added that, if Trump is re-elected, they could get “an even bigger payout.”

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