Trump Offers Johnson Desperate Help on Aid Package

( – Former President Donald Trump has offered House Speaker and Louisiana Rep. Mike Johnson a way to bring a supplemental funding bill that includes aid for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan to the House floor.

Trump’s endorsement of a plan comes as debate continues about a border and foreign aid package. The Senate passed a $96 billion supplemental funding bill in February, which includes $60 billion in aid for Ukraine. However, Johnson said the bill was dead on arrival in the House without a border security bill.

In a Feb. 10 post on Truth Social, Trump addressed the Senate bill, suggesting that any aid for Ukraine should be given in the form of a loan, “NOT JUST A GIVEAWAY.”

Trump’s idea gives Johnson a way to move the proposal to the floor without backing down on his pledge that the Senate bill was dead on arrival in the House. However, Johnson said whatever plan the House moves forward will not be considered until the House passes the rest of the spending bills, which needs to happen before the government shutdown deadline of March 22. The deadline is followed by a 17-day recess for Congress, and many are hoping Johnson gets a proposed package to the floor before the break.

In regard to a package for aid to Ukraine, which may include Trump’s idea of a loan, Johnson stated that the House is considering its “various options right now,” adding that whatever bill the House passes may not look like the Senate bill.

House Foreign Affairs chairman and Texas Rep. Mike McCaul has proposed the REPO Act, which is similar to Trump’s plan. Under McCaul’s proposal, Ukraine would be allowed to use Russian assets that the U.S. government seized through sanctions as collateral for a loan. The loan would be used for nonmilitary purposes, to support Ukraine’s government and the rebuilding efforts, which is about $10 billion of the proposed funding for Ukraine. The remainder of the proposed funding is for military purposes, such as replacing ammunition and weapons, and would not be part of the loan.

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