Trump Furious as Judge Rejects Second Mistrial Motion

( – On May 9, former President Donald Trump commented about Judge Juan Merchan denying his defense attorney’s second motion for mistrial after former adult film star Stormy Daniels testified in the hush-money trial.

Trump stated that while he cannot comment on Daniels’ testimony because of a gag order imposed by a “corrupt” judge, that “expert explaining” of her testimony is not required to understand what she said. He added that he is “so innocent” and needs “to get back on the campaign trail” instead of appearing in court.

Daniels first took the stand May 7, providing salacious testimony that Trump’s attorneys said was “unduly prejudicial,” resulting in Trump’s attorneys filing their first motion for a mistrial. In denying the first request for a mistrial, Merchan noted that while he agreed with Trump’s attorney, Todd Blanche, that Daniels’ testimony included “many things that would have been better left unsaid,” Merchan felt the defense team should have raised more objections.

Trump’s attorneys filed the second motion for a mistrial after Daniels’ cross-examination on May 9, when Trump’s attorney, Susan Necheles, asked Daniels if her story continually changed because the alleged encounter never occurred. During Necheles’ cross-examination, Daniels said she never requested “money from anyone in particular,” testifying that she sold the story of the alleged encounter for $1 million.

Merchan denied the second request for a mistrial, telling Necheles she should have objected to the questioning that allowed Daniels to provide details about her alleged encounter with Trump. He told Blanche that he was “satisfied” with his May 7 decision to deny the mistrial.

Merchan also denied the request to modify the gag order that prevents Trump from making public statements about witnesses, jurors, prosecutors, or their families, including Merchan and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s families. Merchan said Trump’s “track record speaks for itself here,” adding that he would not modify the order to allow Trump to respond to Daniels’ testimony.

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