Trump and McConnell Break the Ice in First Meeting In Four Years

( – On June 13, former President Donald Trump and Senate Republican leader Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell met for the first time in four years.

The conflict began when Trump denied the results of the 2020 election. This is the first time the two have met face-to-face since the events of Jan. 6, 2021.

The two shook hands before the meeting with Senate Republicans at their campaign headquarters on Capitol Hill. According to other Republican senators who attended the meeting, Trump and McConnell sat next to each other during the meeting, meant to bring the Republican party together to support its presumptive presidential nominee.

McConnell noted that during the private portion of the meeting, the two had a “chance to talk,” adding that the meeting was “entirely positive.”

According to an ally of the former president, Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley, Trump’s tone was “very encouraging, affirming,” adding that he was “extremely gracious.” Hawley noted that there were no “underhanded little barbs” from Trump during the meeting. He said that while Trump acknowledged the disagreements among some in the room, he called on everyone in the party to unite.

During the meeting, Trump pledged to help the down-ballot senate candidates as Senate Republicans hope to retake control of the chamber by flipping several seats in swing states.

Only two of the four remaining senators who voted to convict Trump during the Senate’s impeachment trial attended the meeting.

Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy, who was initially noncommittal about attending the meeting, decided to go to the meeting. While Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, the only Republican to vote to impeach Trump twice, made an appearance at the meeting only after the cancellation of his previously scheduled flight.

Two longtime opponents of Trump, Arkansas Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Maine Sen. Susan Collins, did not attend the meeting. Murkowski stated that she is “not satisfied with either choice that we have as Republicans or Democrats.”

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