Trump Accepts Fault for Failed Border Deal

( – During a Jan. 27 campaign appearance in Las Vegas, Nevada, former President Donald Trump said he would take the blame if the bipartisan border deal fell through.

Trump spoke out against the ongoing negotiations between the Senate and the Biden administration, who are looking to pass a border security deal. The border security deal needs to be completed in order to get Republican support for the Democrats’ $106 billion supplemental funding request, which includes funding for Ukraine and Israel.

Trump told his supporters at the event in Las Vegas that “there is zero chance” he would support the proposal, adding, “I’ll fight it all the way.” He said that some of the senators are “blaming it on me,” to which he said, “That’s OK,” adding, “Please blame it on me.”

He added that Biden does not need Congress to pass legislation to secure the border, stating he “did it without a bill.”

On Jan. 26, Biden stated that if the Senate’s border security bill passes Congress, that he would shut down the border “when it becomes overwhelmed.” He claimed the bill would give him “a new emergency authority to shut down the border.”

According to information leaked about the bill, the proposed legislation requires the Department of Homeland Security to close the border if migrant crossings reach a threshold of over 5,000 a day in any given week. However, in a Jan. 28 interview with Fox News, Republican Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford said the goal of the legislation is to get down to zero crossing each day.

However, Trump dismissed the proposed legislation and called on Republicans to reject the bill.

In a Jan. 27 Truth Social post, Trump wrote that a bad deal “is far worse” than no deal.

House Speaker and Louisiana Rep. Mike Johnson said the proposed bill is “dead on arrival” in the Republican-controlled House, even if it does pass the Democratic-controlled Senate.

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