Top Diversity Officer Exits White House, Marking a Setback for Biden Administration

( – The White House’s first chief diversity and inclusion officer, Michael Leach, is set to leave after being in the position for three years.

Leach, who is also a special assistant to President Joe Biden, has served as a top aide since Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign when he was in charge of diversity and inclusion efforts. During the campaign and while in office, Leach helped to create a diverse general election staff and one of the most diverse staff in the history of the White House. According to a June report, the Biden administration has the most diverse administration in the history of the United States, as half of White House staffers are considered people of color and 60 percent are women. Throughout his term, Biden has emphasized the importance of diversity, and Leach was often involved in the conversations about advancing inclusive perspectives in the Biden administration’s policy.

Leach called the position “the honor of a lifetime,” adding he was optimistic about future diversity and inclusion efforts in the Biden administration. His departure has been planned for a while, and he will leave later in the month. Before taking on a new role, he said he intends to reflect on how he can help increase equity across institutions.

White House Deputy Chief of Staff Jen O’Malley Dillon called Leach an “instrumental partner” in Biden’s promise of building “an administration that looks like America.”

Former chief medical adviser Anthony Fauci referred to Leach as “a crucial part of the administration.” Fauci added that having diversity, equity and inclusion “is a value and has made us really better off.”

For a decade, Leach worked in labor relations roles in the National Football League and also worked as an assistant to the Chicago Bears head coach.

A replacement for the role has not been announced. However, the White House has launched a job search for the position as the Biden administration wants to ensure Leach’s work continues, according to a White House official.

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