Tom Cotton Demands Crackdown on Anti-Israel Protesters

( – On April 15, Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton spoke out about the anti-Israel protests happening around the country, saying it’s time Americans “take matters into their own hands.”

Cotton discussed the protesters who blocked the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco as a protest against the Israel-Hamas War during his appearance on Fox News. He said he thinks if a similar protest happened in Arkansas, there would be “a lot of very wet criminals” because they would “have been tossed overboard.”

In a post on Twitter, he then encouraged people who are trapped “behind criminals like this” blocking traffic to “take matters into their own hands” and put “an end to this nonsense.”

On April 16, Cotton repeated his stance by sharing an old clip of protesters being dragged off the street, adding that could be the way protesters are dealt with in the United States. He said that private citizens, “the ones being inconvenienced here,” should be the ones “to solve matters on their own” when confronted with protesters, who “can be easily moved from the street.” He noted that the protesters could be moved “to the side of the road” so that traffic can continue. He stated that those who take “matters into their own hands” are usually “the most popular people on the scene.”

Protests against the Israel and Hamas war have taken place across the country since the Oct. 7 attack in Israel that killed 1,200 people. The April 15 protest in San Francisco resulted in the closure of the Golden Gate Bridge for five hours, while similar protests occurred in other cities, including New York City and Chicago.

Protesters have not only blocked roads but have also disrupted congressional proceedings, including an early April Senate hearing regarding a Pentagon budget request that a group of pro-Palestinian protesters disrupted. During the hearing, instead of speaking about the budget request, Cotton addressed the protester’s allegations that Israel is engaged in genocide in Gaza.

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