Texas Representative Urges NYC Police to Depart

(UnitedHeadlines.com) – On April 9, Texas Rep. Beth Van Duyne placed an ad in the New York Post, urging New York City police officers to “escape” a state with “pro-criminal” politicians and move to Texas.

She said New York is “purposefully anti-law and order,” where officers must fend off “violent career criminals,” adding that New York City police departments often face budget cuts from “Defund the Police politicians.”

The ad cites the death of NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller, noting that Duyne was “disgusted” by the “pro-criminal” politicians who attempted to show up at Diller’s funeral. Diller was killed during a March 25 traffic stop by the suspect, Guy Rivera, 34, who had a record that included 21 prior arrests.

The ad notes that, in contrast to New York, police officers in Texas are respected and revered. It also states that the “quality of life is better” in Texas, which has a lower cost of living.

The ad also provides a list of Texas police departments that are hiring, adding, “Y’all have a home waiting for you here.”

According to Duyne, the ad is a way to convey the “respect and heartbreak” people across the country have for what New York City police officers are going through. She said convincing even one police officer to move is worth it.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams responded to the ad during a press conference by saying that Duyne should worry about crime in Texas, noting that she should send some of Texas’ officers to deal with violence in Dallas. He went on to claim that statistics show New York City “is the safest big city in America.”

Duyne is not the first politician to recruit police officers to her state. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis made a similar plea, using billboards in other states to recruit police officers to move to Florida. DeSantis’ office said the billboards brought in hundreds of recruits from all across the country.

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