Soldier Accused of Peddling Military Secrets: Facing Serious Charges

( – On March 7, U.S. Army intelligence analyst Korbein Schultz, 24, was arrested and indicted on charges he sold China national defense secrets.

A member of the First Battalion of the 506th Infantry Regiment stationed at Fort Campbell in Kentucky, Schultz was indicted on six counts of unlawful export of defense articles to China, conspiracy to communicate defense information unlawfully, and bribery of a public official.

Schultz received 14 payments totaling $42,000 in exchange for the information, according to the U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee Henry C. Leventis.

Schultz allegedly collected information about U.S. military operations, such as high-mobility artillery rocket systems, Chinese military tactics, defensive missile systems, and advanced military helicopters, beginning in June 2022, and shared the information with a co-conspirator in China, according to the indictment. He had held a “top secret security clearance,” which allowed him to access the sensitive information, according to information contained in the indictment.

The first request from the co-conspirator was for information about “lessons that could be learned” from the Russia and Ukraine war. In August 2022, Schultz allegedly told the co-conspirator that he wanted to be “’Jason Bourne,'” and, one month later, said he was thinking about working for the co-conspirator in person, moving to Hong Kong.

Schultz was drawn into the situation by the co-conspirator with promises of wealth and perks related to racing, according to the indictment. Court documents show that on May 20, 2023, a co-conspirator offered to meet Schultz overseas at a Formula 1 race, offering him a “big signing bonus.”

Schultz and the co-conspirator discussed how they could describe their online financial transactions as related to “car customizations” to hide their alleged activities.

Originally from Wills Point, Texas, Schultz lives with his family in Clarksville, Tennessee. He joined the Army in November 2018 and, during his time in the Army, has been awarded the Army Good Conduct Medal, according to an Army spokesperson, Lt. Col. Ruth Castro.

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