Senator Wants A Huge Retaliation After Biden Administration’s Fearful Response

( – Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton is calling for a “massive retaliation” against Iran-backed forces for attacking U.S. troops and assets.

On “Fox News Sunday,” Cotton said an “iron will and crushing force” is the response needed in the Middle East. He added that American weakness is what he fears “most threatens Americans and stability in the region.”

He blasted President Joe Biden’s restrained and “fearful” response to Iran. Since Biden took office in 2021, American positions in the Middle East have been attacked by Iran’s proxies 150 times. Since the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas, Iran proxies have attacked American positions in the Middle East more than 70 times. Cotton stated that the Biden administration responded only a few times, adding that the administration usually only responds to attacks “at empty proxy warehouses.”

Cotton that Biden appears “to go out of his way to avoid Iranian casualties.” Cotton said he would instead “send a clear message to Iran” to stop the attacks or “we will begin to threaten their assets.” The Biden administration uses “fear of escalation” tactics that “ensure escalation,” Cotton said, adding that only “escalation dominance” would deter aggression. He said a “massive retaliation” is needed to make it clear to Iran and its proxies that the attacks on Americans would not be tolerated. Cotton fears that if the Biden administration does not give a stronger response, there could be a “mass-casualty attack against American forces in the region.”

Cotton downplayed the possibility that an increase in response could trigger a reaction that may lead to World War III.

According to Cotton, Iran would not have dared to be so “contemptuous” to the United States under former President Donald Trump as it is under Biden.

In contrast, Massachusetts Rep. Jake Auchincloss appeared on the show after Cotton and defended Biden’s policy toward the regime in Tehran. Auchincloss stated the administration has “rolled out almost 50 new sets of sanctions,” which have helped Iran and its economy.

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