Senator Raises New Fears of an Attack Similar to 9/11 Over Biden’s Border Crisis

( – South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham raised new concerns that conditions at the southern border could lead to potential terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. Graham stated that the conditions at the border have him more concerned than at any other point since the 9/11 attacks happened over two decades ago.

Graham had been discussing negotiations between the Senate and the White House regarding a border package during a Dec. 17 interview with Kristen Welker on NBC’s “Meet The Press.” He does not expect to reach a deal on the border package before the end of this year but expects negotiations to continue into the new year.

The negotiations with the White House and Democrats come after Republicans demanded concessions on border security be included as part of a deal on more aid for Ukraine. The $106 billion package includes funding for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan and the southern border. The House recessed for Christmas and New Year’s break while the Senate stayed in Washington to continue negotiations. However, House Speaker and Louisiana Rep. Mike Johnson indicated he would call the House back into session if there was a breakthrough regarding negotiations.

Graham stated that he is concerned about the potential for an attack after testimony from FBI Director Christopher Wray in early December that there are “blinking lights everywhere.” Wray made the statement regarding warning signs he sees that a terrorist attack could potentially happen on U.S. soil due to the ability of terrorists to exploit the southern border.

He added that solving the crisis at the border is important as he’s “never been more worried about a 9/11” happening again. He added, the “border has been obliterated” and will not get “some Band-Aid fix.”

Since January 2021, more than 6 million migrants have crossed the southern border, including 3.6 million during fiscal year 2023, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection statistics.

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