Senator Has Close Call at Republican Lunch Event

( – Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul gave Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst the Heimlich maneuver after she choked during a Senate GOP lunch.

Ernst hosted the Nov. 30 lunch. For 60 years, Republicans have hosted the Thursday lunches, which rotate amongst Republican senators who offer foods for the lunches unique to their states. Ernst had provided pork chops and ribeye steaks from the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association.

Following the lunch, Paul and Ernst discussed the incident, including how to notice signs that someone is choking and how senators can get trained to perform the Heimlich, according to Wyoming Sen. Cynthia Lummis.

On Twitter, Ernst posted about the incident, thanking Paul. In the post, she also joked that “Can’t help but choke on the woke policies” that are being forced “down our throats” by Democrats.

Texas Sen. John Cornyn stated that it has happened “one other time to one of our members.” Cornyn added that while he did not witness the incident, “It’s kind of scary.”

South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham stated, “God bless Rand Paul.” He added, “I never thought I would say that.”

Paul, one of four physicians in the Senate, is a doctor and ophthalmologist. Other physicians in the Senate include Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso, Kansas Sen. Roger Marshall and Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy.

Democrat California Rep. Jimmy Panetta performed the Heimlich maneuver in September on a man who choked during a lunch event in Washington. In June, an intern for Republican California Rep. Mike Garcia, Trevor Gurski, used the Heimlich maneuver on a child who started choking during a tour of the Capitol.

Choking is the fourth leading cause of unintentional death. In 2020, an estimated 3,000 people choked to death, according to the National Safety Council. Close to 1,430 of those who choked to death were over the age of 74. The Heimlich Maneuver should be used on a person if they are unable to cough, speak or breathe. It should not be used on children under the age of 1.

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