Report Exposes Biden’s Memory Problems

( – Republican lawmakers are speaking out after special counsel Robert Hur released his report into President Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents that referred to Biden as a “well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory.”

According to the report, Biden was reckless with the classified documents discovered at his home in Delaware and his personal offices in Washington, D.C. in 2022. However, Hur did not recommend charges against Biden, adding that because of Biden’s memory issues, Hur could not bring charges against him. The report also stated that Biden “had the authority to keep classified documents at his home.”

Hur’s 379-page report detailed his memory lapses from important events that happened all the way back to when he was vice president. The report stated that Biden was asked when he stopped being vice president, and Biden responded to investigators by asking if he stopped being vice president in 2009, his first year in the position. Biden also could not remember when his son Beau died, nor could he remember important information from a meeting that occurred during the Obama administration debating the military operation in Afghanistan.

In the report, Hur also stated Biden had a “hazy” memory after Biden told investigators he “had a real difference” of opinion with a top U.S. general who actually agreed with Biden.

Many Republican lawmakers commented on the report, questioning Biden’s competence.

House Republican leadership issued a joint statement, calling Biden’s memory lapses detailed in the report “disturbing,” adding that Biden is “certainly unfit for the Oval Office” if he can’t be held accountable for his mishandling of classified documents.

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham also weighed in, saying the report is “unnerving” and could harm the standing of the United States in the world.

Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville asked on Twitter if anyone believes that Biden is “running the country now as POTUS” after reading the report. In a similar post, Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley questioned how he was qualified to serve another four years if he can’t remember when he was vice president.

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