Proud Boys Member Sentenced to Six Years for Capitol Riot After Attacking Judge

( – On Jan. 23, a member of the Proud Boys who was at the U.S. Capitol Jan. 6, 2021, insulted Chief Judge James Boasberg after receiving a six-year prison sentence.

Before Boasberg handed down the sentence, Marc Bru interrupted him repeatedly, saying he is a “clown,” a “fraud” who presides over a “kangaroo court.” Boasberg told Bru that if he continued disrupting the proceedings, he would be removed from the courtroom. Bru responded that he’d “do it all over again,” even if he received a 100-year sentence. Boasberg stated that the response shows Bru has no remorse for his actions.

According to prosecutors, Bru was involved with planning to take over the Portland, Oregon, government in an armed insurrection not long after the events of Jan. 6. Ahead of his sentencing, prosecutors wrote in a court filing that “he implied this time would be more violent” than Jan. 6.

While attending the “Stop the Steal” rally near the White House Jan. 6, Bru marched to the U.S. Capitol where he was one of the first people to breach a restricted area. According to prosecutors, he shoved a barricade against police officers to enter the building. In the building for 13 minutes, Bru was in the Senate gallery, where he posed for selfie photos.

Boasberg allowed a 10-minute recess for Bru to confer with his standby attorney as Bru represented himself during the hearing. However, following the recess, Bru continued interrupting the proceedings, saying he doesn’t “accept any of your terms and conditions.”

Before the sentencing hearing, prosecutors told the court Bru had intentions of being disruptive. On Jan. 22, he told supporters of Jan. 6 defendants he would attempt to “put on a good show” during his sentencing.

After hearing trial testimony without a jury in October 2023, Boasberg convicted Bru of seven charges, including two felonies. Bru is one of over 1,200 people to be charged with crimes related to Jan. 6.

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