Prince Harry to Visit King Charles Following His Cancer Diagnosis

( – Prince Harry will travel to the United Kingdom to visit his father, King Charles III, who was diagnosed with cancer.

According to Buckingham Palace, the King called Prince Harry to tell him about his cancer diagnosis. He also called Prince Harry’s brother, William, the Prince of Wales and heir to the throne. The King notified his sister, the Princess Royal, Princess Anne; his brother, the Duke of York, Prince Andrew; and his brother, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Edward.

Prince Harry had no plans to meet with either his brother or any other member of the royal family.

The King was diagnosed with cancer when “a separate issue of concern” was discovered while undergoing a “procedure for benign prostate enlargement” Jan. 29. He began treatment immediately and postponed all public-facing duties, according to a statement from Buckingham Palace.

A spokesperson for the Duke of Sussex stated Prince Harry spoke with his father, and a source has stated he could be flying to see him “within days.”

In 2020, Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex, his wife Meghan, moved to the United States to take a step back from being in the spotlight as senior royals, causing a strain on his relationship with the rest of the royal family.

Meghan and the couple’s two children will not be traveling to the United Kingdom with Prince Harry and will remain in the United States, according to a spokesperson.

The last royal event Prince Harry attended was the King’s Coronation in Westminster Abbey in May, and he left immediately following the ceremony. Though their relationship is strained, Prince Harry and the King still speak, with sources saying Prince Harry called his father for his 75th birthday in November.

Though he hasn’t attended other royal events, Prince Harry has traveled to the United Kingdom since May to attend his libel cases against newspapers based in the United Kingdom.

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