President Biden Blames Congress for Border Issues

( – When asked on March 11 about the crisis at the southern border, President Joe Biden said he does not intend to use executive action to solve the crisis despite previously indicating he might.

When asked by reporters, Biden said he is “counting on the border action” to happen by Congress passing legislation. A reporter reminded Biden that Congress has been unable to reach a bipartisan agreement regarding border control legislation, with Biden saying, “They haven’t yet,” adding, “I’m helping them.”

After the bipartisan legislation failed to pass the Senate, which would have shut the border down if daily crossings exceeded a daily average of 4,000 in any week, it appeared Biden was considering taking executive action to solve the crisis. One of several options he had reportedly been considering was using the same powers former President Donald Trump used in 2018, which would restrict migrants who illegally cross the border into the United States from claiming asylum. Biden overturned Trump’s executive action when he took office in January 2021.

House Speaker and Louisiana Rep. Mike Johnson, along with other Republicans, have repeatedly called for Biden to use executive action to control the border. However, many Democrats criticized Biden for considering using executive action similar to Trump’s to control the border, including New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who called it “outrageous” that Biden would consider using a method similar to the one used by Trump.

On March 12, House Republicans and 14 Democrats backed a resolution denouncing Biden’s border policy, passing in a 226-193 vote, with 13 members abstaining. The resolution, led by Texas Rep. Monica De La Cruz, accuses Biden of creating “the worst border security crisis” in the history of the country. It says that Biden has operated an “open borders agenda” and “purposely violated United States immigration law.”

More than 7.3 migrants have illegally crossed the border since Biden was elected. Over 890,000 immigrants have been apprehended at the border by agents so far this fiscal year.

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