Police Detain Squatters After Finding Dead Woman in Bag

(UnitedHeadlines.com) – Halley Tejada, 19, and Kensly Alston, 18, were arrested in connection with the death of Nadia Vitels, 52, who had allegedly found the two teenagers squatting in her late mother’s New York apartment.

After returning from a trip to Spain, Vitels headed to her late mother’s Manhattan home on March 10, which had been vacant for at least three months, to get it ready for a family friend to stay there. Vitels dropped off several items before leaving the apartment, spending the next two nights on Long Island before heading back to the apartment on March 12.

Video surveillance footage from the afternoon of March 10 shows Tejada and Alston in the lobby of the apartment building, then in the elevator heading up to the apartment. According to reports, the two teenagers and Vitels got into an argument when Vitels found Tejada and Alston occupying the Manhattan home when she went back there on March 12.

A text message to her son at 10:30 p.m. on March 12 was the last time Vitels was heard from. Two days later, her son requested a wellness check and headed to the apartment to check on his mother, where he found her body stuffed inside a duffle bag. Vitels had multiple facial fractures, broken ribs, and a brain bleed and had died from blunt force trauma to her head, according to the medical examiner’s report.

Video surveillance footage shows the two teenagers fled the building at 5:45 p.m. March 12 in Vitels’ Lexus, and they were arrested after getting into a car accident in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, on March 13. According to law enforcement, they had also been using Vitels credit cards.

They are facing extradition back to New York, where they could face charges of murder. The two are also being charged with receiving stolen property by the Lower Paxton Township Police Department, according to a criminal complaint.

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