Police Chase Involving Senator Cramer’s Son Ends in Deputy’s Death

(UnitedHeadlines.com) – A police officer and the son of Republican North Dakota’s freshman senator, Kevin Cramer, were involved in a collision that resulted in the death of a deputy. The vehicle in question was being chased by law enforcement.

According to a statement released by Cramer on Wednesday night, Ian Cramer, 42, had intense paranoia and hallucinations that are symptoms of his severe mental health issues.

Kevin Cramer stated that his wife Kris was with Ian when he insisted on seeing his brother Ike, who has been dead since 2018. Kris took Ian to Bismarck’s Sanford Health emergency department. As soon as she exited the car, Ian moved to the steering wheel and raced away. Ian was found in Mercer County, North Dakota after his sister used a cell phone to track his vehicle.

State prosecutor Todd Schwartz said three other states had filed charges against Ian Cramer. Additionally, narcotics charges would be filed. Complicated by drug use, Ian Cramer reportedly committed crimes in multiple states, and an officer’s death was the result.

The Bismarck Police are investigating allegations that he damaged an ambulance bay at Sanford Hospital.

Beulah Public High School will host the funeral for Deputy Paul Martin.

According to the highway patrol, Cramer was pulled over by the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office, but when the officers got close, Cramer took off, sparking a pursuit.

A Mercer County Sheriff’s Office patrol car, which was stopped on a roadside, was struck head-on by Cramer’s vehicle while the highway patrol persisted in their chase. Tragically, the police car was hit as a Mercer County deputy stood behind it just as the deputy was about to use a tire deflation mechanism to stop the chase.

After his arrest, Hazen’s Sakakawea Medical Center transferred Ian Cramer to Stanton’s McLean County Detention Center. According to the highway patrol, charges are awaiting the results of the investigation into the collision.

Sen. Cramer indicated in the press release that he intended to take the earliest available airplane to be with his family during this difficult time of grief. He wrote that he hoped our merciful God would appear, as He frequently does in times of sorrow, and that they weep with the hero’s loved ones who attempted to aid Ian.

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