Pelosi and Schumer Want Netanyahu to Step Down

( – Former House Speaker and California Rep. Nancy Pelosi, 84, is the latest Democrat to call for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign.

In an April 22 interview, she stated that while Israel has a right to protect itself, she said nothing “could be worse” than his response to the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas that killed 1,200 people, calling his response “terrible.”

Pelosi stated that Netanyahu needs to resign like his intelligence official did because Netanyahu is “ultimately responsible.” Israel’s head of military intelligence, Maj. Gen. Aharon Haliva resigned on April 22 because he said his department “did not live up to the task we were entrusted with.”

When asked if Netanyahu is an obstacle to peace in the region, Pelosi said that he is “an obstacle to the two-state solution,” adding that “he has been for years.”

From the Senate floor on April 19, Senate Majority Leader and New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, in what was said to be a major speech on a two-state solution, said Netanyahu was one of four obstacles to peace.

Schumer first called on Netanyahu to resign on March 14, when he said new elections should be held in Israel once the war in Gaza comes to an end. He claims Netanyahu needs to resign because the best Netanyahu’s government is not representative of the best interests of the Israeli people. He criticized Netanyahu, who Schumer said has aligned himself with a coalition with “far-right extremists,” and added that if Israel “becomes a pariah,” it will not survive. At the time, Pelosi called Schumer’s statement “an act of courage, an act of love for Israel.”

President Joe Biden has also criticized Netanyahu, calling Netanyahu’s response to the conflict in Gaza a “mistake.”

Despite the criticism of Netanyahu from prominent Democrats, a $26 billion military aid package for Israel was approved by Congress, with both Pelosi and Schumer voting in favor of the package.

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