Nearly 400 Bodies Discovered in Mass Grave at Gaza Hospital

( – A mass grave with 392 bodies has been discovered at a hospital in the south of the Gaza Strip.

According to a Palestinian Civil Defense official, the bodies were found in early April at the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Younis, where they were located after Israeli forces withdrew from the area. However, the officials noted that there were about 100 bodies buried at the hospital before the Israel Defense Forces operation there.

Workers have identified 165 of the bodies, some of which were still wearing surgical gowns and hospital wristbands. The remaining 227 bodies are being examined to determine their identities, according to Mohammed Al Mighayyer, who noted three mass graves were found at the Nasser Medical Complex. Mighayyer said the mass graves were found in front of the morgue, behind the morgue, and north of the dialysis building.

According to Mighayyer, the Civil Defense said that children’s bodies were among those found in the mass graves and claimed, though he did not offer proof, that 20 civilians were buried alive. Mighayyer claimed, without any evidence, that patients receiving treatment at the hospital were executed, stating that some bodies had gunshot wounds. He also claimed that Israeli forces allegedly buried several of the bodies in plastic bags “at a depth of three meters” to decompose quickly.

The Israel Defense Forces has denied any connection to the graves, claiming that Palestinians in Gaza dug the graves at the hospital months ago. On Twitter, Israel Defense Forces international spokesperson Nadav Shoshani shared a video of Gazans digging a grave at the hospital, writing that “Misinformation is circulating” about the mass graves, adding that blaming Israel is “categorically false.”

In January, about 100 people were buried on the hospital grounds as a temporary measure, according to family members of those buried on the hospital grounds. However, after the April 7 withdrawal by the Israeli military, the family members said the bodies had been moved from where they were buried originally to a collective grave.

The Palestinian Civil Defense requested the United Nations form an international committee to investigate the mass graves.

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