Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Could Join Congress Soon

( – Former House Speaker and Democratic California Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Christine Pelosi, appears to have her sights set on her mother’s seat when she decides to retire.

However, her moves, and those of her potential competition, were put on hold when her mother, 84, announced in September 2023 that she would seek re-election.

The second-oldest of Nancy Pelosi’s five children, Christine Pelosi is the most politically active of Nancy Pelosi’s four daughters. If she chooses to run, Christine Pelosi, 58, not only has the benefit of the potential support from her mother’s supporters and allies during a run for the seat but also has ties to the national Democratic Party, having served as a member of the Credentials Committee and the Vice Chairman for Campaigns and Elections for the Democratic National Committee (DNC). While working for the DNC, Pelosi has helped pass resolutions to help empower women, reform campaign finance, and raise the minimum wage to $15. She also co-founded the DNC Veterans and Military Families Council.

An attorney, Pelosi is a former prosecutor in San Francisco who served as special counsel during the Clinton administration and as Chief of Staff on Capitol Hill. She has also written three books, “The Nancy Pelosi Way,” “Campaign Boot Camp,” and “Campaign Boot Camp 2.0.”

However, Pelosi is not the only one looking to fill the seat. Far-left progressive California State Sen. Scott Wiener, 54, has also positioned himself over the last few years to win the seat once Rep. Nancy Pelosi retires, building a base of support within the California Democratic Party from labor unions, women, and other San Francisco groups that help sway elections. He has also been building a shadow campaign, raising $1 million in 2023 to fund his congressional run.

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown called it “difficult” for someone “to challenge the name Pelosi,” adding that Nancy Pelosi is the “foremost Democrat in this state.”

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