Musician Unexpectedly Dies While Performing on Stage

( – Pedro Henrique, a popular Brazilian gospel singer, was performing at a private event in Feira de Santana, a city in Bahia, Brazil when he suddenly collapsed and later died. He was 30.

The incident, which was caught on video, shows the singer at the edge of the stage, engaging with the crowd and singing “Vai Ser Tão Lindo”. As he holds his microphone out to the audience, he seemingly loses his balance and falls in front of his band. People then rush to the stage to offer help as the audience witnessed over the events with both horror and shock.

The video has since gone viral and was seen by many as the performance was also being live-streamed on social media platforms.

He was rushed to a local medical clinic but was pronounced dead shortly after. Henrique apparently suffered a massive heart attack, which was the cause of his death, according to a statement from his label, Todah Music.

The label also put out a tribute to the singer on Instagram shortly after news of his death, calling the circumstances of his death “very difficult situations in life” for which there was really no explanation.

“We just need to understand that God’s will prevails!” the message further read.

The label praised Henrique for being a “present husband and super dedicated father.” Though his family, the statement read, “the songs… will not die and your legacy will remain.”

“The Christian music segment is in mourning… See you soon dear brother!” the label said in closing.

Henrique was married to Suillan Barreto, with whom he has an infant daughter, Zoe.

An up-and-coming artist in the Brazilian gospel scene, Henrique was born in Porto Seguro, Bahia. He had also just released a single, “Medley: Levanta / Não Fica Assim / Descendência (Ao Vivo)”, and was scheduled to do performances in Rio de Janeiro as well as in São Paulo before the end of this year.

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