MTG Blames Georgia DA’s ‘Hidden Boyfriend’ for Serious Misconduct in Trump Investigation

( – On Jan. 25, Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene filed a complaint against Nathan Wade, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ secret boyfriend, with the Georgia Ethics Commission.

Willis allegedly had an affair with Wade and hired him to oversee the 2020 Georgia election interference case against President Donald Trump.

In the complaint, Greene accuses Wade of “potential serious violations” of the Georgia Campaign Finance Act for failing to disclose “excessive gifts” he gave to Willis and failing to register as a lobbyist. Greene wrote that Willis paid Wade, “who has never tried a felony case,” $250 an hour, which she paid using “federal COVID funds.” According to Greene, Wade was paid more than one of Willis’ special prosecutors who had significant experience.” Greene alleged that Wade spent the money on “lavish trips.” According to court documents filed on Jan. 19 as part of a divorce hearing by an attorney for Wade’s wife, Joycelyn Wade, Willis was the “intended travel partner” for his trips to Florida, Napa Valley, Australia, San Francisco, Panama and Belize.

Greene stated that by definition, Wade is a lobbyist and his law firm, Wade & Campbell, is a state vendor. Therefore, state law requires him to report and disclose his finances. Greene wrote that between 2021 and 2024, he failed to file his monthly spending reports required by the law. She also alleged that the gifts made to Willis were prohibited by law because they exceeded the limits imposed on lobbyists. She added that the public has a right to know “who, or what,” has influenced their public officials.

Greene said a $10,000 late fee for every monthly report filed over 45 days late should be imposed by the commission “immediately.”

The alleged romantic relationship between Willis and Wade was uncovered by Ashleigh Merchant, an attorney for former Trump campaign staffer Michael Roman, who is seeking to have the indictment against Roman dismissed.

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