Mountain Dew Man Faces Conviction

( – On Oct. 23, Logan Clegg, the 27-year-old who was originally referred to as the “Mountain Dew Man” until his identity was uncovered, was found guilty of the April 2022 murders of a New Hampshire couple.

Clegg had been charged with four counts of second-degree murder as well as one count of possession of a firearm by a felon and four counts of falsifying physical evidence.

Following two days of deliberations by the jury, Clegg was convicted of murdering Djeswende “Wendy” Reid, 66, and her husband, Stephen Reid, 67, near their home on the Marsh Loop Trail. According to their family, the Reid’s were humanitarian workers. The couple met while living in Washington, D.C., and had retired to New Hampshire in order to enjoy the outdoors.

For months, Clegg had been camping in the woods near the couple’s home.

The couple was reported missing on April 18. While canvassing the area, police encountered a man carrying a stack of Mountain Dew cans who stated he was “Arthur Kelly.” Police began investigating the man, who they discovered to be named Logan Clegg, after locating the Reids’ remains near the trail. Before police could locate him, he set fire to his campsite and fled the area. According to court documents, dozens of cans of Mountain Dew, at least 150 propane tanks as well as 19 spent shell casings matching the brand and caliber as those found near the victims were located at the campsite.

On Oct. 12, 2022, he was arrested at the South Burlington Public Library by Vermont police. According to court documents, he had a one-way ticket booked to Germany that was set to depart on Oct. 14.

Clegg had an outstanding warrant from Utah. He had a criminal history of burglaries and shoplifting, including the theft of handguns. In 2018, he killed a 28-year-old man in Spokane, Washington, claiming self-defense. However, he was not prosecuted due to lack of evidence.

After the verdict, their son Brian Reid said, “a liar, a thief, a murderer” was “brought to justice.”

Clegg is set to be sentenced on Dec. 15.

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