Katie Porter Ridiculed for Accusing Primaries of Being Rigged Against Her

(UnitedHeadlines.com) – Democrat California Rep. Katie Porter is being criticized on social media after she said the reason she did not win the Democratic Party’s U.S. Senate nomination is because billionaires rigged the March 5 California primary.

Following her loss to Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff and Republican Steve Garvey, a former Major League Baseball player, Porter took to Twitter, where she accused “an onslaught of billionaires” of rigging the election by “spending millions.” Her comments alluded to the money spent by Schiff’s campaign and pro-Schiff super PACs on ads supporting Garvey in the race for the Senate seat held by the late former Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

She said Californians want a leader that “can’t be bought” and pushes for government accountability. She said her campaign shows how that threatens billionaires, who control politicians. She added that caused them to spend money to defeat “someone who will dilute their influence” on politicians.

Many people took to social media to criticize Porter’s comments.

Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer pointed out that Porter, a Democrat, was saying her election was “rigged” and wondered if she would be criticized by the mainstream media the same way former President Donald Trump has been criticized.

Republican strategist Matt Whitlock asked if she realized “She’s just horribly unlikable.”

Democratic strategist Steve Schal said his candidates have previously been outspent in elections and lost, saying when that happens, it is hard. However, he asked if candidates could stop excusing losses by calling an election rigged.

Following the criticism, Porter doubled down on her comments about a rigged election in a March 7 post on Twitter. She wrote that an ad that an independent fact-checker rated as “false,” as well as other ads attacking her, were paid for by a “few billionaires.” She called that dishonest, adding that it manipulated the election’s outcome.

Considered a rising star in the Democratic Party, Porter will be out of Congress when her term ends next year since she relinquished her seat to run for the Senate.

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