Kate Middleton’s Parents Struggle with Bills Following Business Collapse

(UnitedHeadlines.com) – Kate Middleton’s parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, are struggling to pay their bills after the collapse of their company, Party Pieces.

According to a report from The Times UK, Carole, 69, and Michael Middleton, 74, owe their creditors more than $5.6 million, which they have been unable to pay since they filed for bankruptcy for their company in the summer of 2023.

To help the couple navigate the bankruptcy, they hired Interpath Advisory. However, according to reports, the Middletons have only been able to pay $64,000 of their $326,000 bill. While it expects to receive more toward the bill, the company has publicly stated the couple will not be able to pay the total amount owed.

According to a report, while Kate and her siblings, James and Pippa, are close with their parents, their parents do not want financial assistance from their children. Discussions about the business and their financial situation are off limits with Kate, the Princess of Wales, as her parents want her to focus on her health amidst her battle with cancer. In a March 22 video on Twitter, Kate revealed that following an abdominal surgery in January, she had been diagnosed with cancer, saying that it had been an “incredibly tough couple of months for our entire family.”

Founded in 1987, Carole and Michael Middleton built the successful business Party Pieces from the ground up. In 1989, seven years after they tied the knot. Michael Middleton joined his wife working full-time at the business after leaving his job as a British Airways manager, and, in 1995, the business moved to farm buildings at Ashampstead Common, Berkshire, where it went on to find success. In 2019, Carole became a brand ambassador after stepping back from running the day-to-day operations. Then, due to the pandemic, the company began to fail and was unable to pay its suppliers. In 2023, the business was sold to entrepreneur James Sinclair as part of the bankruptcy filing. However, the sale did not leave Interpath Advisory enough to pay all the creditors.

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