Judge Denies Hunter Biden’s Attempts to Get Charges Dropped

(UnitedHeadlines.com) – On April 1, a federal judge in California rejected Hunter Biden’s eight motions to have the felony tax charges against him dismissed.

In an 82-page ruling, Judge Mark Scarsi ruled against the president’s son after being skeptical of his claims to have the charges against him dismissed during a hearing in a Los Angeles court. Biden’s claims included that special counsel David Weiss was appointed as special counsel improperly and that the charges against him were politically motivated.

Appointed by former President Donald Trump, Scarsi said in his ruling that Biden’s attorneys provided “virtually no evidence” supporting their theory that anti-Biden bias was exhibited by Weiss’ team. He also criticized Biden’s attorneys for using various news articles and social media posts to support their theory, with Scarsi stating that those “are not evidence.”

The judge rejected the claim of Weiss being improperly appointed as special counsel, stating that “no convincing reason” as to why he shouldn’t have been named as special counsel had been presented by Biden’s attorneys.

Scarsi also ruled against Biden’s claim that the case should be dismissed due to two Internal Revenue Service agents who previously worked on the investigation and have since become whistleblowers.

Prosecutors allege Biden willfully did not pay his taxes or file his tax returns on time and filed fraudulent tax forms. However, Biden’s attorneys claim that although the taxes were paid late, they were paid, along with penalties and interest.

The ruling means Biden’s trial could begin June 20. However, Biden’s attorneys have stated they could appeal Scarsi’s ruling, with his defense attorney Abbe Lowell stating they will continue to “vigorously pursue Mr. Biden’s challenges.”

Biden is also facing federal gun charges in Delaware, where the judge overseeing the case, Maryellen Noreika, has not yet ruled on motions to dismiss the charges that are similar to those rejected by Scarsi. Depending on how she rules, that trial could start on June 3, before the trial in California.

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