Israeli Official Says Biden’s Ceasefire Description Is Inaccurate

( – A senior Israeli official is calling President Joe Biden’s description of a proposed cease-fire agreement he mentioned on May 31 between Israel and Hamas “not accurate.”

During his May 31 speech, Biden outlined the three-part plan, which includes the release of hostages and ends the war in Gaza with a “full and complete cease-fire.” The plan would begin with the release of some of the hostages who are being held captive in Gaza, the withdrawal of Israeli forces from all of the populated areas of Gaza, and a six-week truce. During the truce, both sides would negotiate the details for a permanent cease-fire and the release of the remaining hostages. Gaza’s eventual reconstruction is included in the proposed cease-fire agreement. Biden said the proposal was made by Israel and passed to Hamas by mediators.

However, a senior Israeli official is questioning Biden’s description, stating that it was only a partial description of Israel’s proposal. The official stated Israel’s goals for a permanent cease-fire, which includes the destruction of “Hamas’ military and governing capabilities,” have not changed, and disputed Israel would fully withdraw its troops from Gaza without achieving that goal.

According to the official, the proposal did not originate from Israel as Biden had stated, but instead originated from mediators and was then amended and changed by Israel. Israel is still waiting for Hamas to respond to the proposal, the official said.

On June 3, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s spokesman, David Mencer, said Netanyahu had called Biden’s outline of the proposal only a partial version and that the proposal includes “other details” not presented to the public by Biden.

In a video message, Netanyahu stated Israel had two goals in Gaza, including the return of the estimated 125 hostages and the elimination of Hamas, and insisted both would be completed.

The United Nations called on Hamas and Israel to accept the ceasefire proposal.

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