Hunter Biden Unexpectedly Appears at Congressional Hearing

( – On Jan. 10, Hunter Biden made an unexpected appearance at a House Oversight Committee meeting where a resolution to hold him in contempt of Congress for defying a congressional subpoena was being considered.

Hunter Biden and his attorneys, Kevin Morris and Abbe Lowell, sat in the audience while lawmakers on the panel discussed passing the resolution out of committee. The House Judiciary Committee also held a meeting Jan. 10 to consider the resolution. If the resolution passed out of both committees, a floor vote would be held in the House on whether to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress after he defied a congressional subpoena related to the House impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden.

In December, Hunter Biden failed to appear for a scheduled closed-door deposition before the House Oversight and Judiciary committees, instead offering to testify publicly. However, House Judiciary Committee Chairman and Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan and Comer rejected his request, saying he would not get special treatment and said they would release the transcript of the deposition. Instead of appearing for the deposition, Hunter Biden issued a public statement outside the Capitol.

During the Jan. 10 meeting, House Oversight Committee Chairman and Kentucky Rep. James Comer said Hunter Biden “blatantly defied two lawful subpoenas” related to the investigation into his father. Comer added that defying the “subpoenas is a criminal act,” that “constitutes contempt of Congress.” He said Hunter Biden would not be given “special treatment because of his last name.”

South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace asked why Hunter Biden was at the meeting, adding that he “should be arrested right here, right now.”

Since Hunter Biden was in the audience, Democratic Florida Rep. Jared Moskowitz said that the panel should hold a vote and “hear from Hunter right now.”

Before the committee voted on the resolution, Hunter Biden and his attorneys left the meeting. The resolution passed out of the House Judiciary Committee, and talks remain ongoing in the House Oversight Committee.

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