House Democrats Vow to Maintain Speaker Johnson Despite Opposition

( – If members of the Republican Party move to remove Louisiana Rep. Mike Johnson from his role as Speaker of the House, House Democrats are vowing to save him.

In a joint statement released April 30, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries and Minority Whip Katherine Clark said the “Democrats have put people over politics,” finding “common ground with traditional Republicans” and pushing back “aggressively” on “MAGA extremism.” The statement added that if Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene invokes a Motion to Vacate the Chair she “will not succeed” because the House Democrats will vote to table the motion.

Greene filed a motion to vacate the speaker in March due to frustrations with Johnson’s handling of a $1.2 trillion appropriations package. Rep. Thomas Massie and Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar co-sponsored the motion to vacate.

Johnson came under fire again from Republicans after the renewal of a surveillance program and a $95 billion emergency spending package that included aid for Ukraine passed in the House.

Johnson responded to the joint statement from the Democrats, noting he had not talked with Jeffries or anyone else about saving his role as speaker. He stated that he has been “laser-focused on getting the supplemental done.” However, he added that on the House floor, representatives from both parties have approached him and told him “We won’t stand for this.”

While Greene has not yet called for a vote on her motion, she posted on Twitter that she may still call for a vote to put “Congress on record” and let Americans “see the Uniparty on full display.” In the post, she referred to Johnson as the “Democratic Speaker of the House,” questioning what “slimy deal” he made with the Democrats to have their support if she called for a vote on the motion to vacate. Without the Democratic caucus voting to remove Johnson, as they did with former House Speaker and former California Rep. Kevin McCarthy, Greene’s efforts would fail.

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