House Democrat Thinks African Americans Shouldn’t Pay Taxes

( – As a form of reparations, Democratic Texas Rep. Jasmine Crockett is suggesting black Americans should be exempt from paying taxes.

Crockett made her comment during an interview on the “Black Lawyers Podcast” with host J. Carter. During the interview that aired April 9, Crockett remembered thinking an idea proposed by a celebrity that exempted black Americans from paying taxes was “not necessarily a bad idea.” While she could not remember which celebrity had the idea, she said the proposal involved black Americans not having “to pay taxes for a certain amount of time,” adding that people may not object to the idea as much as “actually giving out dollars.”

Though she offered support for the idea, she noted that many within the black community do not pay taxes because they are struggling. Carter suggested, and Crockett agreed, that for some, “checks like they got during COVID” would be better than a tax exemption.

Crockett implied that the black community needs reparations in order for it to advance, saying black Americans are owed “for the labor that was stolen and killed,” which put them behind. She said state and federal governments need to be consistent with the distribution of reparations for black Americans as only a few states are considering giving out reparations.

The Democrat-led states of New York and California are among those discussing giving out reparations. California lawmakers introduced a reparations package to the state assembly in February that included 14 bills aimed at helping to support black communities as a formal apology for slavery and other human rights violations throughout history. The bills would also return property taken in race-based cases of eminent domain.

In New York, Gov. Kathy Hochul signed a bill in December 2023 establishing a commission to research how to best offer reparations to descendants of slaves living in New York.

Elected to represent Texas’s 30th Congressional District in 2023, Crockett is seeking re-election against libertarian candidate Ken Ashby.

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