Graham’s Critical Words About Biden

( – During a March 10 interview on NBC News’ “Meet the Press,” South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham criticized President Joe Biden.

Graham said that in “every way you can,” Biden has “screwed the world up,” adding that “the world’s on fire” because of his policies, such as his policies involving the southern border. Since Biden took office in 2021, an estimated 7.3 migrants have illegally crossed the southern border of the United States.

Graham said he was angered by Biden’s apology for using the word “illegal” instead of “undocumented” to describe Venezuelan Jose Antonio Ibarra, who is charged with the murder of Laken Riley in Georgia. Ibarra illegally entered the United States in 2022.

He discussed Ukraine and said that any additional aid from the United States needs to be a loan that Ukraine repays after the war. In August, Biden requested more money for Ukraine and proposed a $106 billion package that included aid for Ukraine and Israel. On Feb. 13, the Senate passed a $95 billion package that included $60 billion in aid for Ukraine. However, House Speaker and Louisiana Rep. Mike Johnson has refused to move the package to the House floor.

Graham also said he almost “fell out of my seat” during Biden’s March 7 State of the Union address when he said that the conflict between Israel and Hamas could come to an end if all the hostages captured during the Oct. 7 attack are released. Graham questioned Biden’s statement about Hamas remaining in power, saying that Hamas must be “destroyed militarily.” He challenged the Biden administration to clarify its statement.

He also questioned Biden’s cognitive abilities, adding that he needs to debate former President Donald Trump because, especially in this election, America “deserves a debate between two candidates.” Graham said Trump is ready to debate Biden at anytime and anywhere. However, the Biden campaign has not decided if Biden will debate Trump.

Despite his criticism during the interview, Graham has occasionally supported Biden’s ideas, and has previously offered praise for his work on improving the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Israel.

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