Governor Noem Banned from Tribal Territory Due to Remarks on Border

( – On Feb. 5, the Pine Ridge Reservation “banished” South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem “from the homelands of the Oglala Sioux Tribe” after her comments about the southern border and cartels infiltrating the state’s reservation.

Noem made the comments Jan. 31 during a speech to a joint session of the South Dakota state legislature, where she stated she wanted to help secure the border by sending Texas more razor wire and security personnel to help with the crisis, which she blamed on President Joe Biden. She added that the common enemy of all 50 states “is the Mexican drug cartels,” which she said bring violence to all the states including South Dakota.

In a four-page statement shared on social media, Tribe President Frank Star Comes Out banned her immediately because of the comments, “Due to the safety of the Oyate,” which means people or nation. He accused Noem of using the border crisis to help former President Donald Trump and to increase her chances of being his vice presidential pick.

In the post, Star Comes Out stated the migrants from places such as El Salvadore and Mexico do not deserve to be “dehumanized and mistreated” by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and “his cohorts.” He added they should not be “cut up by razor wire” that was “furnished by, of all places, South Dakota.”

He also accused Noem of disrespecting and insulting the Oyate for her comments about “Ghost Dancers,” which she said was a gang associated with the drug cartels that are murdering people on the reservation. Star Comes Out called her comments wrong, adding that the Ghost Dance is “one of the most sacred ceremonies” and that Noem “blatantly disrespected” the ceremony with her comments.

Noem responded to Star Comes Out’s comments, calling it “unfortunate” that he brought politics into the discussion. She added that she is willing to work with South Dakota’s Native American tribes to solve problems they face.

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