GOP Members Criticize Biden Following Iran Attacks That Resulted in Three American Deaths

( – Republican lawmakers are criticizing President Joe Biden following a Jan. 27 attack by Iran in Jordan that killed three U.S. servicemembers and injured 34.

The Pentagon said the drone strike is a one-way “suicide drone attack on a patrol base” in Jordan, which “radical Iran-backed militant groups” carried out.

Republicans called for Biden to respond quickly and pointed to his failed policies in the Middle East as a reason the attack occurred.

On Twitter, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham posted, “Hit Iran now. Hit them hard.” He added that the rhetoric of the Biden administration “is falling on deaf ears in Iran.” Graham said that Iran only understands force and that they are “undeterred.”

In a statement, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman and Texas Rep. Michael McCaul called for “a major reset of our Middle East policy.”

Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton said that Biden has bribed “the ayatollahs with billions of dollars” and “emboldened Iran for years.” He added the answer “must be devastating military retaliation against Iran’s terrorist forces.”

On Twitter, Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan said Biden needs to “order a clear, lethal and overwhelming response” to the attack.

Texas Sen. John Cornyn wrote, “Target Tehran,” then clarified that he was referring to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Florida Rep. Byron Donalds posted on Twitter that “Biden’s appeasement strategy towards Iran” is not working.

House Speaker and Louisiana Rep. Mike Johnson responded to the attack, saying that he is saddened by the news of “the loss of three American heroes.” He added that “a crystal clear message” must be sent by America that “attacks on our troops will not be tolerated.”

In a Jan. 28 post on Truth Social, former President Donald Trump said the day “marks a horrible day for America.” He added that the attack is “yet another horrific and tragic consequence” of Biden’s weakness.

During a campaign stop at Brookland Baptist church in South Carolina, Biden weighed in on the attack, stating that the U.S. would retaliate against Iran saying, “We shall respond.”

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