GOP Lawmaker Outraged by Satanic-Themed Christmas Tree Display

( – Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher, 39, was shocked over what he referred to as an “offensive” Satanic Temple Christmas tree that was displayed as part of National Railroad Museum’s annual Christmas tree festival near Green Bay.

One of the 66 trees displayed at the event, the Satanic Temple’s tree features blood-red lights that resemble demon eyes with a snake-like figure at the bottom. An ornament on the tree says, “Hail Santa,” an apparent nod to “Hail Satan.”

To Christians, Christmas is the day that marks the birth of Jesus Christ. In contrast, the Satanic Temple satirizes religion, with its “worshippers” being non-theistic. Members of the group advocate for the separation of church and state, and egalitarianism and civil rights.

On Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Gallagher stated it was “absolutely crazy that we would allow this to happen.” He compared the tree being part of a Christmas display to “waving a Hamas flag inside of a synagogue.”

The group followed the museum guidelines by not advocating for violence, according to the National Railroad Museum CEO Jacqueline Frank. Frank stressed that the museum fosters diversity, adding that the museum is making “sure that everybody feels comfortable.” Frank stated the museum is “not a religious organization. We focus on trains.” The museum is only “putting up decorations in that room,” according to Frank. Frank added that businesses and nonprofit organizations had decorated most of the trees.

Gallagher called the response by the museum “insufficient.” He mentioned that the museum usually offers a “cool” screening of the movie “The Polar Express” for children. He stated he “wouldn’t take my kids to it now.”

A second controversial tree is also among those displayed at the museum, a “Gender Diversity Tree.” The tree features ornaments that contain sayings such as “Protect Trans Kids” and features blue and pink colored trans flags.The trees will be on display until Dec. 31.

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