Gingrich Declares End as Trump Prevails Over Haley

( – After former President Donald Trump’s win over 2024 Republican presidential candidate and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley in the Feb. 27 Michigan Republican primary, former House Speaker and former Georgia Rep. Newt Gingrich is calling on her to drop out of the race.

Trump won the Michigan primary, receiving 68.1 percent of the vote, while Haley received 26.6 percent. Michigan, which Trump won in 2016 and President Joe Biden won in 2020, is seen as a key state in the 2024 election.

The only remaining candidate in the race running against Trump for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, Haley’s loss in Michigan comes just days after she lost the primary in her home state of South Carolina, where Trump received 59.9 percent vote, and Haley received 39.52 percent. Following her loss in her home state, Haley vowed to stay in the race until after March 5, Super Tuesday, when 16 states hold their primary elections.

However, during an appearance on “Hannity” on Fox News, Gingrich called on Haley to drop out of the race now, noting that she is unable to gather the support needed to become the Republican presidential nominee. He said that “No MAGA Republican, no Trump delegate” would pick her, even if Trump was not in the race. He referenced Nevada, where Trump was not on the ballot, and Haley still lost “by 2-to-1” to “none of these candidates.” He called that a “hint” that she should not be running in 2024 and said he hoped she would decide to end her campaign.

Gingrich called for Haley to unite behind Trump and help the Republicans defeat Biden in the general election. He said it is not helpful to the Republican’s efforts to reclaim the White House to have her “saying nasty things about the Republican nominee.” He said the race is over, Trump is the nominee, and the focus needs to shift to why he “would be a dramatically better president” than Biden.

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