Former Trump Attorney Files for Bankruptcy

( – On Dec. 22, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, 79, filed for bankruptcy, one day after being ordered to pay over $148 million in damages in a defamation case brought by two Georgia election workers.

A political adviser for Giuliani, Ted Goodman, stated that the filing should not be a surprise, adding that nobody should have “reasonably believed” that he would have the ability “to pay such a high punitive amount.” He added that the bankruptcy filing would give Giuliani time to appeal the ruling and provide “transparency for his finances.”

Filed in a New York federal court, Giuliani’s bankruptcy petition estimates his liabilities at between $100 million and $500 million and his assets at between $1 million and $10 million. The petition states that he owes almost $1 million in federal and state taxes. The petition mentions what is described as a “contingent” and “disputed” claim by Hunter Biden regarding a lawsuit. It also lists the $148 million he owes Ruby Freeman and her daughter Shaye Moss, the two Georgia election workers, among several other claims. In September, Hunter Biden sued Giuliani, alleging Giuliani had manipulated and distributed material taken off his laptop.

On Dec. 21, U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell said Freeman and Moss could pursue payment immediately, adding that a delay might give Giuliani time to hide his assets. Howell stated that, during the defamation case, Giuliani repeatedly failed to comply with her instructions.

Freeman and Moss’ attorney Michael Gottlieb said the bankruptcy filing would not erase the $148 million verdict.

After the Dec. 15 verdict, Giuliani stated he did not regret his statements, adding, “I told the truth. They were engaged in changing votes.” His statement prompted Freeman and Moss to file a second defamation suit against Giuliani for the new comments disparaging the two.

Giuliani was indicted, along with former President Donald Trump, in a case that accuses him of attempting to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in Georgia. Giuliani pleaded not guilty to the charges.

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