Former Congressman Gets Pranked by Jimmy Kimmel and Demands $20K

( – Former New York Rep. George Santos says late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel owes him over $20,000 after he aired Cameo videos of Santos.

Santos charges $400 each for the user-requested personal video messages on Cameo, which he has been making since his expulsion from the House. Kimmel submitted an anonymous request to Santos’ Cameo account, asking for personalized videos of Santos reading what were fake stories. Kimmel then aired clips of the videos during the Dec. 7 show of ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, which featured his new prank segment, “Will Santos Say It.”

Not including the $2,000 already paid for four videos, Santos said Kimmel owes him “$21,800 and change.” Santos stated that the total amount owed accounts for all the videos and a “50 percent business rush rate.” Santos said Kimmel may have violated the terms of service of Cameo as the videos requested were not for personal use. He added that he plans to take Kimmel to court if he does not pay him.

Kimmel stated that he sent the “crazy video requests” to Santos because he “wanted to see what he would read and what he wouldn’t read.” He added, “Can you imagine if I get sued” for fraud by Santos?” Kimmel stated, “It would be like a dream come true.”

Santos stated that he has rejected hundreds of Cameo requests because they don’t align with his “guiding compass.”

Since the video clips aired on Kimmel’s show, Santos has increased the cost of his videos to $500 each. Kimmel said, “He should be thanking me for buying these videos.” Kimmel aired two more clips during his Dec. 11 show, and said he has “a big stockpile” of the Cameos.

The House voted 311-114 on Dec. 1 to expel Santos, who had refused calls for him to resign. He is the sixth member of Congress ever to be expelled from the House. Santos is facing 23 charges when he stands trial next year.

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