Even After Protests Sen. Cruz Vows to Always Back Israel

(UnitedHeadlines.com) – In a post on Twitter, Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz stated that despite the continual protests outside his home in Houston, he would continue to support Israel.

In the post, Cruz states that anti-Israel protesters have been outside his home on Fridays and Saturdays “for the past six months” due to his support of Israel following the Oct. 7 attack that killed 1,200 people. He said the protesters, who ring bells and chant, disturb his neighbors. Cruz said that he will continue to support Israel “no matter how much these antisemites cheer Hamas.”

The post comes as the protesters assembled outside his home on June 14, the 23rd time the group has protested outside his home since Feb. 10. The protests began not only as a response to Cruz’s support of Israel but also because Cruz spoke out against the “cultural Marxism” that he said was being promoted in college classrooms across the country.

The protesters, who wore masks, had signs reading, “Cease Fire Now” and “No rest for the wicked, Ted.” The protesters outside the senator’s home are affiliated with Students for Justice in Palestine, according to what police told Cruz.

According to a spokesperson for Cruz, the senator, regardless of how long the “anti-Israel, pro-terrorist harassment continues,” he will continue fighting against antisemitism.

On Facebook, users responded to the news of protesters outside Cruz’s home with support, with one user writing, “Stand tough Ted,” while others said they also “stand with Israel.”

This is not the first time the Texas senator has spoken out about the anti-Israel protests. During an interview on the “Brian Kilmeade Show” in May, Cruz called the anti-Israel protests happening on college campuses across the country “disgusting,” noting that the protesters are chanting “in support of vicious terrorists.”

This is also not the first time protesters have held demonstrations outside his house, as climate activists protested outside his home in 2021.

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