Drew Darby Criticized for Misleading “Fake” Endorsement

(UnitedHeadlines.com) – Texas state Rep. Drew Darby is being criticized for posting a misleading “fake” endorsement from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on his website.

The information about the false endorsement was posted to Twitter by Corey A. DeAngelis, who called it a “lie.”

In previous elections, Abbott had endorsed Darby, a Republican who represents District 72, which includes Big Spring and San Angelo. The quote on Darby’s website is from Abbott’s 2022 endorsement. However, after he voted with the Democrats against a proposal for school choice, Abbott announced he was endorsing Darby’s challenger, Stormy Bradley. In the December announcement, Abbott stated he was endorsing Bradley because of her campaign promise that she is committed to ensuring school choice options for families in Texas.

Abbott has given endorsements to primary opponents of Republican Texas state House members who voted against his school choice proposal that passed in the Texas state Senate but failed to pass in the House. Nineteen Republicans in the Texas state House voted against his proposal, stripping it out of a school spending bill. Some of the 19 are not seeking re-election, but for any that are, Abbott is endorsing the challenger and has endorsed five challengers of incumbent members of the Texas state House.

Matt Langton, the campaign spokesperson for Stormy Bradley, stated, “Darby has a history of lying,” adding that it is time for “liberal Drew Darby” to retire.

According to Darby’s official website, he has the endorsements of Abbott, the Texans for Life Committee, the National Rifle Association, and the Texas Wildlife Association. He also has the endorsements of Texas Rep. August Pfluger and Alliance for Life.

The Republican primary election in Texas is set for March 5.

Darby is not the only Texas State representative to use past endorsements on their campaign website. Texas state Rep. Glenn Rogers, a Republican representing Graford, listed multiple past endorsements on his website.

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