DOJ Investigates Willis’s Misuse of Grant Funds

( – A new report released on April 5 shows that the Department of Justice uncovered alleged “inconsistencies” in the use of federal grant funds by Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis, who is leading the Georgia election interference case against former President Donald Trump.

The April 5 report shows that a review of the grant by the Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs “is plagued with reporting discrepancies.” The federal grant money for $488,000, which ended in September 2023, was earmarked to create a Center for Youth Empowerment and Gang Prevention in Atlanta. However, despite the grant, the center never opened.

House Judiciary Committee chairman and Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan issued a subpoena to Willis’ office in February requesting documents about her office’s receipt and use of federal funds after a whistleblower, former Willis staffer Amanda Timpson, alleged that the Fulton County office had mishandled the federal grant money, using the funds to pay for travel, computers, and “swag.” Timpson was listed as the grant director until she was fired in January 2022 by Willis.

However, Willis responded to the request on March 14, providing a “narrow set of documents” that did not apply to the allegations made by Timpson and alleging Jordan’s investigation was just an attempt to derail the case against Trump. Jordan responded that if they did not receive the documents by March 28, Jordan would hold Willis in contempt of Congress.

This is not the first scandal to involve Willis. Willis faced disqualification after Ashleigh Merchant, the attorney representing Michael Roman, a co-defendant in the Georgia 2020 election interference case and former Trump campaign staffer, alleged that Willis had an “improper” affair with special prosecutor Nathan Wade.

While Merchant argued that Willis’ and Wade’s personal relationship was a conflict of interest, Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee ruled there was insufficient evidence to prove the claim. However, McAfee ruled Willis could remain on the case only if Wade was removed.

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